Stargazer Models


  With Passenger cabin and Flight deck & Articulating landing gear

 In 1/144 scale

NOW AVAILABLE,  But ONLY VIA Starship modeler in the USA !!!!!!!!!

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Assembled Aries 1-B model: pictures.



Painted cab. floor section


Flight deck




The images in the pictures below are of the 'masters' and a 'test' casting, and are not of the final finished model or moulds....




  The finished Aries Castings (and Mold's) are by David (Blappy) Guertin

pictures of... here soon.


From the Novel 2001:A Space Odyssey

by Arthur C Clarke.

The Aries-l B lunar carrier pulled away from the space station. There was none of the power and fury of a takeoff from Earth - only an almost inaudible, far-off whistling as the low-thrust plasma jets blasted their electrified streams into space. The gentle push lasted for more than fifteen minutes, and the mild acceleration would not have prevented anyone from moving around the cabin. But when it was over, the ship was no longer bound to Earth, as it had been while it still accompanied the Station. It had broken the bonds of gravity and was now a free and independent planet, circling the sun in an orbit of its own.......When he awoke, the Moon had swallowed up half the sky, and the braking manoeuvres were about to begin......The descending ship was poised almost above the line dividing night from day, and directly below was a chaos of jagged shadows and brilliant, isolated peaks catching the first light of the slow lunar dawn.....On the pilot's panel, lights flashed above radar screens, numbers came and went on computer displays, clocking off the distance of the approaching Moon. They were still more than a thousand miles away when weight returned as the jets began their gentle but steady deceleration. For ages, it seemed, the Moon slowly expanded across the sky, the sun sank below the horizon, and at last a single giant crater filled the field of view.


The 2001 'alternate' universe

*The Boeing Aries Landers, are a spherical  spacecraft 40 ft. in diameter... used to ferry between the (low) Earth orbiting space stations and the lunar surface.

  The Aries 1-B can carry 24 passengers (in a high degree of comfort) plus the Captain, First Officer, and two flight attendants.

  Aries 1-B  is the passenger version of the cargo only Aries1. The Aries type, frame and pressure-shell, was later greatly modified as the Command Module of the Discovery 1 spacecraft, thereby utilizing existing machinery/construction  to produce X-ray Delta one's, 40ft dia. pressure sphere.

               * by Stargazer