2001: 'moon-suited' Female Astronaut. (made in 1/12 scale)

I made this figure just for fun, (it will not be a kit)





My model 'inserted' into a movie 'frame grab'using Paint shop pro.


# The Helmet is from a 1/12 scale 'Captain Cardboard' 2001 figure.

The backpack was made for me by Brian (buzzbomb) Thewlis

ALL of the rest of the model was made by me....



The USS Discovery 1


By Ian Walsh (Stargazer Models)............This model is under construction, and is a card 'mock-up'

It will some day form the basis for a kit.

(Click on pictures for enlargements)



Pictures of the 'Real Set'



Pictures of my model taken at a similar angle as that of the above 'real set'



General views of my model



View of the two half's of my model.... and the floor plan of the model.