Serenity / Firefly



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In 1/288 scale

The kit includes decals and 'pipework' and features rotatable engines, and two shuttles.


This model is 8-1/2 inches long, and has over 40 parts...most are resin (32) but some parts are 'other' materials. Like most resin kits, this kit will require some work  prior to assembly... mostly filing, filling & sanding.

Because the usage of tools is required in the construction of this kit. This kit might not be suitable for 'beginners' in resin model construction.

 ..... and go get the  "Firefly" TV series , and the movie "SERENITY"... both out now on DVD's





A finished painted model will be added here as soon as I can get one done....

click here for 'pipework' pictures

a-d are of the 'first layer' of smaller dia.wire. e-l are of the 'second layer' of thicker wire, and n-x shows the part painted in white undercoat..


These pictures were sent to me by Dean Miller (from the USA)... He has made a great job of making and painting the model.

Dean says.....

" here are five (5) photos of my painted Serenity. The one from the top (held by hand) probably shows her colors the best. That one was while the sun was still showing or out. There are just a couple of areas that still need paint (the pivots that the engines are attached to).
  By the way, since the decals that you supply with the kit are fairly transparent, it is possible to put silver foil onto the solar arrays first. Then put the decals over that making for an almost screen captured appearance."


If you would like to paint your Serenity like Dean's... he has kindly written out a set of instructions for doing so

Click here to see


Here are some more pictures of a built Serenity...This one done by John Payne (of the USA.)

John Says...

Did my best to follow the renders of the ship available on various Firefly sites to get the variety of panel colors. Naturally, it doesn't photograph well.

The base coat is ModelMaster Burnt Metal buffing metalizer.  Buffed it good, then apply VERY thinned coats of acrylic metalic blue and brass to assorted panels. Model Master "exhaust" was also used here and there, being very "between" the burnt metal and a brass color.

I felt compelled to stick it on the stand at a jaunty "take me into the black" angle.

Who was it here that came up with the idea of putting the solar panel decals on Bare Metal Foil?  I stole it. Looks great, thanks...



And this one by Scott Copeland of the USA



This is by Michael Buch of Bremen,Germany



This Serenity is by Sean Brannin (HWR MK11) of the USA



 This by Curtis Herbert of Pennsylvania USA... Curtis says " Just figured I'd send some pictures over of the version I just 
finished.  Thanks a lot for making the kit, it was lots of fun to 
work on"



This serenity is by Kory Keller (mrnobody) (USA) He has done a great write up Click here to see



This Model is by Hermes Trismegistus of the USA

He has added lots of scratch built small detail, that were too small for me to reproduce

in the kit....great job.




This Serenity is made by Brian Thewlis of Australia

 Brian said "Thanks for giving me the opportunity to build such a great kit"




And this one is by Bruce (Merlin) Jones of Cumbria UK.


Merlin has done a great write-up click here  he has made lots of additional detail parts,

Merlin says...

"Anyhow, I've known Ian Walsh, (Stargazer) since I joined the internet, discovered and hung out on He's one of life's enthusiastic big kids and very generous with his time and enthusiasm and, to my great joy, has the ability top create well thought out resin kits of classic sci-fi subjects"

 (thanks mate!!! )











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