1:200th scale.*

GRP/WM. Detailed 8" long model of the Fireball XL5 with separating Fireball Junior

and a section of the launch rail with booster rockets.

 Requires construction and painting.

'The Master' for this model, created by Ian (Stargazer) Walsh.

Decals and instructions by Bill Oram... Model kit Cast and boxed by Comet/Reshape.

Note: this is a totally new master, and is NOT the 'old' 1/100th scale reshape kit

now available

 VIA COMET Miniatures of London ONLY.

Go here to buy one


Pictures are of an actual assembled and painted Kit.

('base slab' not inc.)



* There are many references (all different !) for the size of (a 'real') Fireball.

Comet have settled on calling this model 1/200 scale.

However for what it is worth, my own calculations suggest ~1/288 scale !

Stargazer Aug. 2008



Models made by 'others' who have kindly sent their pictures to me.


These are by Brian Thewlis of Melbourne Australia




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