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Return To The

Forbidden Planet

  1. It's Weird , The direction that my interest in all things 'space' can sometimes lead me. Having been a Fan of the Movie 'Forbidden Planet' and then having several times seen ''The Return to the Forbidden Planet '' stage production , I mentioned it as a possible production at the School where I work . A few years went by........Towards the end of 2000 , I was asked if I would like to Design and build the Set and the Robot costume for Ariel ,( Robbie ) for the 2001 (how appropriate) School play. Knowing how good ( and complex ) the professional production is, it worried me somewhat as to how well the Kid's at my school could do it...not really able to do anything about this , I figured that if the acting was possibly (likely) to be somewhat wooden , then the set had better not look wooden too... I figured that it would have to act as an offset as well as a set. (good line or what ) . Not having had much to do with stage sets , but a lot to do with miniatures (models) it was easier for me to visualise the set at 1/12 th. scale, and then build the set as the largest model I have yet made.... at 1/1 scale.... The kids and staff member who helped me build and paint it were great... As to the acting ... I need not have worried the kids were brilliant ( and played their own instruments ), I saw the Show every night for the week it was on, and it felt as though I had just watched the professional version . I took over 100 Digital photos of the show ( below are a few of them ) . A lot of people were involved in this show ,The Director, Sound, Lighting, Costumes, Musicians, etc. I am not naming names (as this is after all my website) I leave that to others to do on their Websites ....Links to...as and when.......


Below to

see Photo

Model set This is the final version of the 1''= 1ft. Model I made, crude but its only to get the ''Feel'', and layout of the ''real'' set.

Full size set The set is a bit different in detail ,but has the 1950's idea , of a ''Future'' spaceship, feel about it......

Lit Set Now the spaceship gets some 'Atmosphere' ( pardon the pun ) .....

Left Set Close up of the set showing the video projection screen (spaceship viewing port )

Right Set Showing the Dials , Gagets , Widgets , and Doofers , that make the Spaceship Go....

Air Lock Close up of the Air Lock showing interior detail . There is an access route to the wings behind the stage

Seats Filling The Passengers take to their seats ready for the Intersteller Flight

Wipe out Da d da d da d da d da d da....... we havvve Lift Off

Goodness Gracious They Broke the Shields ....We'll All be Killed...

Great Balls of Fire Those Asteroids would drive a man insane.....

Gloria +Tempest Take thy face hence woman,for I am sick at heart

Reverse Polarity ''It's an old trick... but it just might work''

Ariel + Cookie Why must I be a Teenager....

Cookie + Ariel Go rattle those pots and pans

Ariel Miranda Cookie No one told me about her

Prospero Miranda Tempest Why speaks my father so ungently

WOW... Miranda Might I Compare thee to a...... Barbie doll......

Ariel front

Ariel back

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