'Master' by Stargazer Models
Ilyushin  Titov V (c)
(Илюшин  Титов B)
In 1/144 scale (15 inches long)
2001: A Space Odyssey's

'Russian Spaceplane'

(Model cast and produced in Canada by Blap Models, and Decals are by JBOT)

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The Titov 'Window display model'

with my Titov model inset (at almost the same angle's)



The 1/144 scale model



Composite pictures with the Titov V nearing the Space Station


Ilyushin  Titov V (c)
(Илюшин  Титов B)
The interesting thing is, that a "Russian Titov V" is mentioned in an early version of the 2001: A Space Odyssey script.

Also in the Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 novel, it says...   "Not far away drifting in the same orbit was a swept back Titov V spaceplane"

Of interest is that at the 'Hilton desk' in the 2001 Space Station, can be seen a small model of the Orion III spaceplane..... BUT ALSO an Unidentified craft with 'swept back wings' .... I have long assumed this to be the Titov V.  

And also, An 'Aeroflot crew' can be seen sitting in the space station next to the 'picture phone' booth.

All this implying that a 'Russian' Spaceplane 'existed' in the '2001 world'

I would expect  the Titov and Orion (if real) to be about the same size in order to fit into the station, and to have 'common' docking ports etc to facilitate this. So I have made this model such !
The two models seen in the Hilton, are likely both made at very different scales (and I do think this to be the case). Indeed if a Titov filming model was made, at about the same size as the Orion filming model (three feet or so long), then the unused Titov model may have been re-used instead as a 'window display model' of itself... in the Hilton window display, and as such therefore, the Titov IS actually a 'filmed' model...no matter that the model was filmed with the 'Hilton' as a background, and not 'open space' as a background !
Whereas the book describes the Orion orbiter as being 'launched down a rail atop a larger winged booster', the Titov orbiter is launched vertically as part of a 'triple' launch system (similar to the 1960's British MUSTARD* concept).
Three nearly identical, fully reusable delta-shaped craft would be mated together. The 'outer' two would act as boosters for the 'middle stage' (which was the orbiter). After 'separation, the boosters would then be flown back for re-fuelling. While the central part flew onto Orbit.


The components of the Titov 'stack' are the two 'boosters' Titov A & B  ( Титов А & Б ) and the orbiter, the Titov V (Титов B)...which 'B' confusingly, is the third letter in the Cyrillic alphabet and so equivalent to 'our' C (in alphabetical order).

To add to the confusion 'Russian 'B' is also the 'sound' equivalent of 'our' letter V !

Accurately the Titov orbiter should in English be the Titov 'C' , However in the '2001 world' the Russian pronunciation  of Titov 'V' (and to save orbital confusion) stuck.

Stargazer 2008



*MUSTARD was an acronym for Multi Unit Space Transport And Recovery Device.    



Илюшин = Ilyushin

Титов А   = Titov  A

Титов Б   = Titov  B

Титов В   = Titov V(c)


Pictures of the TITOV in various Airline markings.


Aeroflot markings: built by Blap models


Shenzhen Airlines: built by Blap models


Bangladesh Airlines: built by JBOT



This Titov has been constructed & painted by JEAN-MARC DESCHAMPS from France



This by Dave (Blappy) Gurtin






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Decals are by JBOT You can get Just 'Aeroflot'  markings or a sheet that has all three sets of markings (as seen in the pictures above). The kits with the extra sheet will be an extra $5.00.

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