Ians Model Planets

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I have made a scale Model,of all the planets in our Solar System, including all of the larger moons.......The Model is of a scale that 1centimetre = 5000 Kilometres. I constructed the 'Model Solar System' as a Teaching aid...on the principal that "if a picture equals a thousand words" then a scale Model should be worth a few more... The larger models are made of a low density polystyrene, sanded to shape and size, and covered with paper 'mache'. The smaller planets and Moons, are made from high density polystyrene and sanded to size.... I have also made a model of the sun to the same scale.... At this scale the Model of the sun would be a ball 2.75 mtrs.(9Ft.) in dia....Far too big to Handle and Store... I had a flash of inspiration ...I remembered seeing an Illusion of a 'Ball' in a Science Museum, made by using a T.V. screen and Four Mirrors... I adapted the Idea to fit a 'Virtual Sun'(9ft.Dia.) into a box only (660mm)26 inches square... (to be continued)

Please.. Anyone using anything here, at least give me a credit mention and an E-Mail to say so....Thanks

Still being worked on

Diamentions , Scales, and Gee Wizz Stuff

Solar System


Mercury Venus Earth Mars Pluto



Jupiter's largest Moons



Saturn's largest Moon



Neptune's Largest Moon

All of the Solar Systems Largest Moons

The "Sun in a box"

'Sun box' face on'

Closer.... Btm. Left

'Edge' of Sun

Top Right and Sunspot

Me... in reflection...

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