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Will be available via Starship Modeler

2001: Moon-Bus Interior in 1/55 scale

(Interior ONLY!... it will fit into the 'old' Aurora Kit and the 'new' Moebius kit

Includes an 'Aurora Moon-Bus kit styled instruction sheet'

to compliment the existing sheet, with details on how to fit this

interior into an UNMADE plastic kit.

To fit into the 1/55 scale Aurora/Moebius plastic kits.

Pictures of the interior parts 'masters'




RESIN CASTINGS (in all grey resin) fitted into a Moonbus bodyshell (bodyshell/seats/figures are 'original kit parts')



Comparison of 'original' parts with the replacement parts





PGMS models

Moonbus EXTERIOR detail parts.

By PGMS (Para Grafix modeling systems) USA

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"Moebius Models has answered the call and re-released the classic Moon Bus model by Aurora!

Photoetched from 0.010" bright brass, this PE set includes:"