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Star Wars

Below are some photos of my X wing fighter from Star Wars. I built the X Wing About 15 years ago.......The kit (made by MPC) has been modified, and extra detail added. No Decals have been used, everything has been hand painted. The photo's were taken with a (not very good) Digital camera . The only modifications that I have made to the Photo's , was to add exhaust plumes, darken the background, and add some stars.......The X Wing itself has not been altered photographically.......

X Wing 1 X Wing 2 X Wing 3 X Wing 4 X Wing 5 X Wing 6 X Wing 7 X Wing 8 X Wing 9 Xwing10

Star Trek

Here are some photo's of my U.S.S. Enterprise1701A ...The Kit is made by Ertl , it has not been modified , just painted......I have not altered the model photographically, just added stars...

Ent.1 Ent.2 Ent.3 Ent.4 Ent.5 Ent.6 Ent.7 Ent.8

Bird of Prey.....The kit is by Ertl. The only modification That I have made to this kit is to the 'Hinges' of the Wings...the kit supplied three part options , to have the wings mounted permanently in only one of three positions. I scrapped these parts, and cut lots of interlocking panels to shape, from sheet styrene, to allow the wings to move up and down on a real hinge....

Bird1 Bird2 Bird3 Bird4 Bird5 Bird6 Bird7

Klingon Battle Cruiser....The Kit is by Ertl...it has not been modified , just painted

Klingon1 Klingon2


Blade Runner

spinner Car..... This Model is in 1/24 th scale, and is totally scratch built. The Car itself, is Vacuum Formed in clear plastic , formed over MDF, which I carved and sanded to shape.... The interior (And 'Pilot') are scratch built, mostly from sheet styrene.....and 'bits and pieces'.....The Yellow Model is a test Piece, as is the roughly painted, 'Complete but no interior ' Model ............MORE LATER......

Spinner1 Spinner2 Spinner3 Spinner4 Spinner5 Spinner6 Spinner7 Spinner8 Spinner9 Spinner10

Spinner11 Spinner12 Spinner13 Spinner14 Spinner15


Babylon 5

I do not usually make models for anyone else, but a good friend (and Babylon 5 fan) Bill Grey Is an exception...

Glad to do the kits for you, When you asked ...

Starfury   Starfury    Starfury



Angel Interceptors

(Captain Scarlet)

This is an Airfix kit I had as a kid...I have recently re-built and re-painted the model.

Angel 1   Angel 2  Angel 3