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DARK STAR In 1/288th scale...      NOW Available ( NOVEMBER 2018 )on pre-order at

TIMELESS HOBBIES (Ex Comet Miniatures)   ONLY


Fireball XL5 In 1/200th scale    Available at  ONLY


The Time Machine   In 1/12 scale Master by 'Stargazer'   

Available at ONLY

(It took most of next year to make this kit).


Serenity firefly   in 1/288th scale Will be  Available Aprox. April 2020, from Timeless Hobbies of London



(2001:Aries1B lunar shuttle)  In 1/144th. scale.   (NOW Available from Timeless Hobbies).


2001: Moonbus Interior (Interior ONLY)       Available now at Timeless Hobbies

To fit into the 1/55 scale Aurora/Moebius plastic kits.     




 Jungle Cat /Sidewinder, and the Crablogger (from THUNDERBIRDS) Masters By me. (Stargazer Models)




2001: U.S.S/ Discovery  in 1/144 scale (30inches long)    NO LONGER AVAILABLE

2001: Titov v Russian Spaceplane in 1/144 scale     NO LONGER AVAILABLE


2001: Orion 3 spaceplane  in 'real' 1/144 scale  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

2001: Orion 2 cargoplane  in 'real' 1/144 scale NO LONGER AVAILABLE



Mk1 Galactic Fighter In 1/72 scale NO longer Available


'SPINNER 44' flying police car in 1/48 scale      NO Longer Available



Stingray  In 1/144th scale....



New Apollo' CEV & Lander In 1/144th. scale  (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


Contact me via E-mail for a PAYPAL request for payment,  Or any other mutually agreed means of payment.

E- Mail me.....   stargazer(at*)  (for availability... and price)

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